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Size versus Weight

Because we send your shipments on a commercial aircraft, we are required to declare the correct size and weight of the shipment. This also requires us to rate the shipment against the declared chargeable weight.

The chargeable weight is the greater of the actual weight in kilograms versus the volumetric weight in kilograms.

The international airline conversion formula converting cubic centimetres to kilograms is 6000 cubic cms = 1 kilogram (or 1 m3 = 167Kgs).

For example: Take the below box shown that is 4kgs. This is the actual weight of the suitcase.
Taking the suitcase measurements of 28cm (H) x 43cm (W) x 28cm (B) this equates to .0337m3. (0.28 x0.43 x0.28 = .0337)

Applying the airline formula for volume weight conversion the suitcase has a volumetric weight of 5.63kgs (.0339 x 167kgs). As this is greater than the 4kgs of actual weight the chargeable weight for this shipment would be 6kgs (conversions are rounded up to the next .50 of a kilogram).

This is important to understand so you are clear on how your freight charges will be calculated. From this you can work if the volumetric weight rule applies to your items and ensure that you get as much weight in to your shipment as possible to match the volumetric weight!

HINT: If the volume rule applies try to increase your actual weight packed without increasing the size of m3 by including an extra book(s) for instance.

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