Student Freight Services
What you need to do ?

It is so easy…. in fact we hope you read this and ask “is that all?”

  1. Identify that you or your student will have excess baggage and begin to  prepare what is to be sent home 2-3 weeks prior to the student departure. 

  2. Choose a suitable form of packaging for the excess possessions to be packed in; this can be a suitcase or a cardboard box that offers appropriate protection. We will check that the packaging is suitable before sending. Shrink wrapping and tape are offered additionally at a minimal cost if deemed necessary to reinforce packages tendered.

  3. As you pack the excess possessions, fill in the Student Freight Services itemised packing list with quantities and indivdual item values and on finalising packing then calculate the total value of the shipment. 

  4. Once complete and packed the Student Freight Services unaccompanied baggage declaration must be signed by the student (or by the Homestay guardian) confirming that no prohibited items are contained within the shipment. 

  5. A commercial invoice is needed for Customs declaration purposes. The information from the   Student Freight Services itemised packing list can be copied onto the appropriate fields within in the commercial invoice form. The commercial invoice should additionally show the destination address details, weight and dimensions, and a simple signature declaring the information to be true and correct and an acceptance of the Student Freight Services terms and conditions.

  6. Student Freight Services will then weigh & measure the shipment onsite at 7 Ron Guthrey Road, and confirm the chargeable weight. Student Freight Services will check the paper work, along with taking a copy of the student’s passport and Student ID for Customs purposes. Once final shipment details are confirmed and the freight costs calculated and paid ...we will do the rest! 

Upon departure from New Zealand an email notification will be sent to the appropriate contact at the school/institution(and/or student ) advising of the departure date and tracking number and shipment progress notification will continue until the shipment is delivered.

You can access all the document templates mentioned above by clicking here

It’s so EASY!!!


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